"I wouldn't mind in the slightest if I competed against a bitless competitor, it’s a personal choice."
Carl Hester MBE

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Please sign and share the petitions in various countries around the world requesting that every rider and handler has the choice to compete bitless in equestrian competitions. Info here.

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Alizée Froment

Taina Rajala competing bitless on Kiahan Renard at the 2012 Helsinki Horse Fair
(Photo courtesy of Sallis Lindqvist)

the discrimination against riders who choose to train and compete using bitless bridles.


A Bit More Choice is a campaign supported by professionals and organisations across all equestrian disciplines and levels of competition.

Many riders and their horses prefer bitless bridles for a number of reasons including the preferred mode of action, increased comfort for the animal and ethical position. Competitors can achieve a correct way of going, as rulebooks typically require, using a bitless bridle.

Some equestrian disciplines do not allow horses to be ridden without a bit in competition. This campaign aims to remove

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